Fann2MQL is a Neural Network processing package for MetaTrader4.  It enables you to write your own Expert Adviser or Indicator taking advantage of Fast Artificial Neural Network Library. It’s very simple and efficient. You can use up to 1024 network simultaneously without recompiling it and in case you need more power it lets you perform parallel multithreaded processing on multiprocessor (or multicore) computer taking full advantage of Intel® Threading Building Blocks technology.

This package is compatible with following operating systems:

Windows 7(32/64bit)

Please note that MT4 itself is 32bit application and thus is fully supported by current stable release under all version of Operating Systems (either 32 or 64bit).

The native 64bit version can be used with MetaTrader 5 only!

Fann2MQL is licensed under GPL so you can use it freely in your work as long as you keep it GPL.

Mariusz Wołoszyn